I am privileged to have been a florist since I was 17 years old.  I trained under an inspirational and highly talented floral designer who ran a successful shop in London.  I began as a junior florist in the late 1980s, receiving innovative and thrilling training in ground breaking floral artistry to meet every client’s need across the spectrum; encompassing the ‘exciting and unusual’ as well as elegant and formal or natural designs.  

The late ‘80’s was an amazing time to be in the industry, surrounded and inspired by great florists such as Kenneth Turner  and Jane Packer.  Floristry has become a fusion of art form and floristry and arrangements were both natural, yet contemporary at the same time.

Eventually, I came to specialise in my passion for wedding floral design. 

I achieved my ultimate goal when I became a freelance florist, working for clients in and around London, including the prestigious “Brides” magazine. Wedding design is a very personal, yet integral part of the aesthetics and mood of the bride’s and groom’s most special day.  Preparation and consultation should begin early to seek perfection.

As well as having a successful career in floristry, I have also studied and taught art and design for the last ten years.  My two passions have blended inexorably and I believe that each design should reflect the client’s personality and individuality.

It is a joy and honour to be part of and contribute significantly to precious events.